Real-Time Social Media Analysis of the CNN GOP Debate

The debate has ended. This data is frozen with cumulative totals.

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Overall Favorability


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Share of Voice: 42%

Opinion of Candidate: 58%

Share of Voice: 42%

Opinion of Candidate: 58%

Top 3 Political Issues


Rank based on total number of favorable mentions, updating every 10 seconds

Twitter Stream Analysis

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Sentiment and feedback updates every 2 seconds with 10 minute history

Political Issues

Topics update in 10 second intervals and change throughout the debate

Overall Sentiment
Gender Distribution

Stats are an aggregate of the information collected throughout the debate, updating every 10 seconds

About this Dashboard

This information was generated in real-time using Infegy Linguistics' streaming text analytics API and Twitter's low latency Firehose data stream. With an average processing time under 10ms and industry leading sentiment precision and recall, Infegy Linguistics provides accurate, instant analysis of enormous volumes of text at high velocity. Learn More

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